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Portrait Puppets
As we say in our booth at the art shows where we display our puppets,
"We can turn someone you know into a puppet!"

From your photographs and a description of the person's costume, jewelry, hair, and any other accessories you might like, we can sculpt a realistic, puppet portrait of that person. The faces are sculpted to match the specific expression portrayed in photographs that you provide. They are clothed in precisely the costumes that you request. These can be humorous, realistic, or symbolic; whatever you desire.

Each standard portrait puppet gives the impression of going down to the knees and is about 18 inches tall and spans 12 inches from fingertip to fingertip. You put your hand in through the bottom or they fit perfectly on a wine bottle as a display stand. Puppets with legs, feet and shoes are 24 inches tall and come with their own display stands; you put your hand into these puppets through their backs.

Puppet portraits make outstanding birthday presents, anniversary gifts, Mother's Day gifts, or a unique gift for any occasion you choose. They almost always bring a smile and touch a heart. How about portrait puppets of a wedding couple displayed on the champagne bottles at their wedding reception or a 50th anniversary portrait in puppet form? Let your imagination run wild; the possibilities are endless.

For pricing information, see our Order Form.

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